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Java/Python Support Engineer

Troubleshoot Issues
When technical/Operations issues with the product arise, specialists must act quickly to analyze the available data and find the root cause of the problem. They should be able to  read and debug the source code to analyze the issues. They may then develop a solution themselves working with the product/development team.
Contribute to Product Development
Specialists will have to participate in all stages of the product development process. They also create useful tools such as internal software to automate key processes or platforms.
Assist Users
This role entails interacting with product users, Operations, Business, other engineering teams, upstream/downstream product members etc.. These interactions can occur in various setups, including in-person meetings, phone calls, emails, and live messaging chats. In all of these cases, it’s vital to address concerns promptly and maintain a helpful attitude.

Skills and Qualifications
Specialists are analytical individuals who use critical thinking and technical expertise to relentlessly improve products. Good communication skills come in handy, as do the abilities to multitask and work well under pressure. In addition to a bachelor’s degree in a field related to technology or engineering, we look for following skills:
· Problem-solving skills – successful specialists excel at resolving problems encountered by users, whether these require only quick fixes or major collaborative efforts across various departments
· Technical expertise – specialists develop a deep understanding of the product they handle as well as the processes behind it
· Customer service – specialists must communicate well with users, paying attention to their concerns and providing clear, regular updates for ongoing requests
· Attention to detail – it’s crucial for specialists to be mindful of details since their tasks include creating extensive documentation, tracking errors, and making changes to products
· Multitasking – specialists handle technical issues from multiple customers at the same time, along with other responsibilities such as writing reports and participating in manufacturing or development

Specialists use the following tools in their day-to-day duties:
· Database (DB2/Sybase)
· Programming languages like Java, scripting languages like Python
· Knowledge of working with Unix/Windows environment  Familiarity with SDLC tools, Change Management, Version Control etc.
· Autosys


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